I am writing this letter to express my thanks for the outstanding technical assistance and coaching provided by Cristy Hatton during the past four months as a client at ME Fitness. I am a fifty­year old client who has been dealing with a number of moderately troublesome health issues that cascaded into a steady problem of pain and discomfort. I have had motorcycle accidents with lower back injury, lifting injuries, torn rotator cuff injuries in both shoulders, and an abdominal surgery that resulted in abdominal muscles that did not heal properly.

As a result, I presented a quite complex case when I presented myself at the fitness center, simply hoping for a more comfortable existence. In the past, I have been seen by a long list of physicians, LMTs, and chiropractors. Cristy took a careful history and then started me on a series of exercises designed to address both lower and upper back issues, the main cause of my complaints. Cristy’s knowledge of the human body and injuries that can affect it were of great importance as she worked patiently to detect and gently break a number of my bad habits centering on poor posture, incorrect lifting and use of exercise equipment.

Her wit and dry sense of humor immediately put me at ease. Her attention to detail paid off for me as she set individualized goals for me that reflected her attention to detail. At the same time she was breaking old bad habits, she was working to make sure that new exercises were done correctly and not resulting in new injuries. Now, I am stronger, pain­free when I do my exercises, and more confident in my ability to complete routine daily tasks that once were difficult to face. Every client of any medical facility or exercise club should be fortunate enough to work with a trainer as knowledgeable, professional and caring as Cristy Hatton. Thank you, Cristy.

Bart M.

Cristy has been important to my overall health and well-being. As an “aging boomer,” I have faced a variety of health challenges, including joint pain. I went to Cristy and put all these health issues on the table. She then designed an exercise program that not only helped me tone up and trim down, but is fun and challenging as well.

Cristy is knowledgeable, committed, and dedicated to her work. She inspires motivation and success, and at the same time, she makes my workout safe and free of injury, which is particularly important to me. Cristy is a warm, caring, and gentle personality with a delightful sense of humor. She is an asset to MEFIT and makes such a positive difference in my life. I am very grateful for her and the work she does. She has my highest recommendation.

Nancy H.

I have been very physically active since I started playing team sports in kindergarten. I played soccer on a club team during the winter, spring and summer and on my high school team in the fall. I didn’t really have any need to go to a gym (nor did I have the time). When I progresses to college and began working a lot, I didn’t really think I had time to work out and after a while I started noticing huge changes in my fitness levels as well as my energy and attitude. It began with just a few pounds and my clothes fitting a little bit more snugly than usual and then I started noticing how winded I was getting from only walking up a few flights of stairs. Before I knew it I was almost 20 pounds heavier than I used to be and was wearing size 10 pants (I had been a 4-6 in high school) and I was miserable. That was the most I have ever weighed in my entire life and I felt so self-conscious about the way I looked, which negatively affected my mood and my attitude. Training with Cristy Hatton was one of the best things I could have done for my overall health and wellbeing.

As a former athlete, I thought I was fairly knowledgeable on weight lifting and cardio, enough to get me in shape anyway, but I wasn’t. Cristy has a degree in Exercise and Sports Science and knows the proper lifting techniques for each individual person and body. She can tell you, just by examining your muscle movement and your range of motion, how to properly do an exercise to maximize results and minimize the risk of injury. Cristy also gave me cardio guidelines to follow on my off days and, although it was difficult at first, I came to enjoy the challenge and started looking forward to coming in every day.

Cristy’s knowledge and encouragement throughout this process helped me in so many ways. I always looked forward to coming to the gym for my workouts with Cristy and after working with her twice a week for four months and doing cardio two to three times a week, I had lost almost 20 pounds, my pant size dropped from a size 10 to size 4, and I now have so much energy and am much happier about the way I look and feel, I know that I am healthy, and who doesn’t want that? Cristy taught me and helped me so much and if it weren’t for her I would probably still be gaining weight and feeling awful. Getting into shape is the best thing you could do for yourself and when you work with Cristy, not only will you get great results but you will have fun and you’ll feel good about stepping up to the challenge and doing something good for yourself!

Emma B.

I was very skeptical, about joining a gym. I didn’t’ know if I could or would be able to tolerate a gym or a trainer until I met Cristy. She’s the best trainer in the world and demonstrates patience and professionalism at all times. Cristy is exactly what a person needs if you are starting a beginning exercise regimen. I didn’t know what any of the machines were in the gym or what a plank was or how to ride a bike longer than ten minutes. Cristy gave me clear instructions and when I looked like I didn’t understand she would demonstrate the process to me.

Cristy’s encouragement is what really keeps me coming back to the gym along with wanting to get in shape.

Linda H.